• Outcome Stories

    A revolution in technology is happening and it’s changing everything we do. Never before has so much data been collected and analysed. This year, the Open Knowledge Festival, brought together over 1,000 people from 60 countries to share their skills and experiences in order to ensure that the knowledge and insights derived from this data are open and publicly accessible to all.❯❯

  • Amadu Massally

    Ania Calderon

    Government Representatives

    OKFestival provides government representatives from across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa a place to come together to share their experiences in advocating for increased openness within government, to learn and gather inspiration from their colleagues, to meet and connect with the communities actually using government data, eager for greater access, and finally to see what is on the horizon of the open movement. We spoke with Ania Calderón Mariscal and Amadu Massally to learn more.❯❯

  • Jenny Molloy

    Joris Pekel


    Open knowledge communities gather at OKFestival to tackle the complex challenges they are wrestling with and to gain a mutual understanding of what they have done, where they are and what the future holds for their community. We spoke with Joris Pekel, the Community Coordinator for Cultural Heritage at Europeana, and Jenny Molloy, a Zoology researcher at the University of Oxford, about bringing communities together to collaborate at OKFestival.❯❯

  • Hera Hussain

    Flashhacks at OKFestival

    We spoke with Hera Hussain, Community Manager at OpenCorporates, about their decision to launch their new crowd scraping programme at OKFestival, their #FlashHacks campaign to scrape 10 million data points in 10 days and the overall collaborative spirit of the open knowledge movement – Here is what we found!❯❯

  • Stef van Grieken

    Duncan Edwards

    Sponsoring OKFestival

    Stef van Grieken from Google and Duncan Edwards from Making All Voices Count tell us why their organisations decided to sponsor OKFestival 2014. We also find out how meeting the diverse crowd of OKFestival and participating in the event helped their work and upcoming projects.❯❯

  • Anne Muigai

    Subhajit Ganguly

    International Collaboration

    Our financial aid programme allowed us to provide support for over 70 interntional community members. This gave us the opportunity to learn across geographical barriers in order to stregthen and grow the global open knowledge movement. We spoke with Anne Muigai (Open Institute) from Kenya and Subhajit Ganguly (Open Knowledge Ambassador) from India, two participants, who were able to attend OKFestival thanks to the Financial Aid programme. Here is what they said about their take aways from the festival.❯❯