We certainly had a great time at Open Knowledge Festival and there was no shortage of cameras and computers to capture the fun (and the knowledge!). Get a closer look at what Open Knowledge Festival 2014 was like in Berlin.


Check out the official Open Knowledge Festival YouTube playlist below, from Open Knowledge, and browse community generated videos on YouTube #okfest14.


A sampling of the images from the OKFestival 2014 Flickr group. Don’t forget to add your pictures to the pool!



Alex Fink brought the OKCast to OKFestival and produced extensive audio coverage of the event, including interviews with keynote speakers and other presenters.

Session notes

Detailed notes captured at the event, and in some cases amended after, are here on the session Etherpads. You can also browse the programme to find a particular session, ones with notes have a button linking to the corresponding Etherpad.

If you are up for it, we could use some help archiving the session notes on our wiki.

Your take!

We asked you how it was for you – you answered our survey and the results are Here!